Coprosem 304

Coprosem 304


COPROSEM (Cooperativa de productores de semillas y agroindustria) has been continuing with its researching processes in pursue of new varieties of rice for different production zones in the country; especially, for the agro-ecological zone of alto Magdalena. As a result of this investigation, today we proudly offer the coprosem-304 variety of high productivity.


The coprosem 304 variety comes from the C72 blending carried out in 1999 between the progenitors COPROSEM 1 /AZ017 female and the COPROSEM 2/AZ019 male, through pedigree selecting method. In the second semester of 2004 and in the first semester of 2005 this variety was included in agronomic evaluation tests supervised by the ICA and registered in the national register of cultures of ICA. Out of this test, the stock 304 was selected and eventually named COPROSEM-304 for its marketing purposes.

Variety Description

The plant has average size with strong-straight but flexible stems resistant to bending. It has a vigorous growing at an early stage. It has a good collective-growing potential depending on the management use. Its leaves are pointy, pubescent and dark green colored. The leading leaf stands out presenting an intermediate senesces. The grain is long, thin, pubescent and pointy. The grain peeling is beige color.The vegetative cycle varies from 100-130 days depending on the agro-ecological zone.

Variety Behavior Regarding Plagues And Illnesses

COPROSEM 304 is resistant to mechanical-like damage from SOGATODES ORIZICULUS as well as the white leaf virus in either laboratory conditions or field conditions. In the alto Magdalena agro-ecological zone it presents a notorious tolerance to fungi-like illnesses such as piricularia, helmintosporosis, cover rotting and grain spotting.

Milling Quality

The milling quality of COPROSEM-304 is acceptable as long as the farmer fulfills with appropriate agronomical management of the crop. It has good performance of excelsior rice. The grain is long and crystal-like with little white-color center.


Coprosem 304 possesses high performance potential due to its kind of panicle and grain filling.In different semi-commercial tests conducted the alto and bajo Magdalena zone its production of green paddy rice (20%-24% of humidity) ranged from 7.2 and 10.5 ton/ha based on the agrarian management given to the plantation.

Handling Recommendations

SOWING DENSITY. In mechanical trenching sowing the limit of 150 kg of seeds per acre is suggested. In transplanting, it is advisable to use small plants of 20-25 days of age by placing 2 or 3 of them per spot 20x20 cm of distance. FERTILIZATION. To perform a proper fertilization is necessary to know the lot fertility by having a chemical analysis of the soil. The levels and seasons for nutritional supplying must be done according to the criteria of the technical assistance agronomist.WEED CONTROL. To get a good weed control, an integrated crop management is required. That is to say to combine cultural practices such as good adequation and soil level, plantation rotation using certified seeds and the application of sole or mixed herbicides regarding the technical criteria.


The coprosem 304 variety is exclusively for private use of COOPERATIVA “COPROSEM” and it is legally protected by custodian of copyrights.The production, distribution and commercialization of this variety without its custodian authorization will be economically and legally penalized according to Ley 1032 del 22 de junio de 2006 among others.The coprosem 304 variety is genetically characterized and has molecular features that enable its full identification.

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